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digital camera battery

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  • manufacturer for digital camera battery,mobile phone battery,
    laptop battery&adapter,all kinds of charger and so on.
  • high quality,competitive price,prompt delivery and good service.
  • model:BCN005
  • Replace:BP-511
  • capacity:1200mah
  • Voltage(output):7.4V
  • suitable models view:Canon BP-511,Canon EOS-300D,Canon EOS-10D,
    Canon EOS-20D,Canon EOS-20DA,Canon EOS-D30,Canon EOS-D60,
    Canon Powershot G1,Canon Powershot G2,Canon Powershot G3,
    Canon Powershot G5,Canon Powershot Pro 90 IS,Canon FV300K,
    Canon FV40K,Canon MV30i,Canon MV300, Canon MV300i,Canon MV400i,
    Canon MV430i,Canon 450i,Canon MV500i,Canon MV600i,Canon MV630i,
    Canon MV650i,Canon MVX100i,Canon MVX150i,Canon MVX1i,Canon MVX2i.
  • we have more than 340 kinds of digital camera battery for
    SONY,Kodak,Olympus,Canon,Minolta,Nikon,SAMSUMG,Fuji-flim,Casio,Panasonic,JVC,Kyocera etc.
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